Houthoff introduces Dutch Scheme Tool

Date 18-02-2021


The Dutch Scheme Tool visualises the proposed distributions under possible plans that can be offered under the Dutch Scheme. In addition, it automatically analyses whether key requirements for recognition (homologatie) of a plan under the Dutch Scheme are likely to be met. If you are considering offering a plan under the Dutch Scheme or if a plan is offered to you, you can use this Tool to get a first visual impression of the proposed plan and its feasibility.


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The WHOA is a Dutch pre-insolvency procedure inspired by the scheme of arrangement in the UK Companies Act 2006 and Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. The WHOA allows a debtor or restructuring expert to propose a plan that may help avoid the debtor's insolvency. The WHOA entered into force on 1 January 2021.

Read more about the WHOA and its key features here.


The WHOA combines a fast and flexible framework for concluding pre-insolvency schemes with a high degree of deal certainty. Such instrument did not exist in Dutch insolvency law until now. As a framework, the Dutch Scheme does not prescribe the contents of a plan. Proponents can draft a plan as they see fit (e.g. extending and/or reducing debt, debt for equity swap, sale of assets, limited to only a subset of the capital structure, etc.). The WHOA provides plan proponents with a high degree of flexibility on structuring the process (e.g. timing, electronic voting, etc.).


We do not save data that you have entered in the Tool. The data will only be saved locally in your browser cache. However, you can save your input locally for future reference by using the export/import feature (.CSV file). The analysis page and test pages can also be exported to a PDF.


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