Press release: Continuation activities Mykali Ochids Int. B.V.

Date 20-09-2019

Press release

Rotterdam, 19 September 2019

On 17 September 2019, the Rotterdam District Court declared Mykali Orchids Int. B.V. bankrupt. The court appointed Mr M.S. Breeman as trustee in bankruptcy.

The trustee in bankruptcy will continue the activities of Mykali at least until 1 December 2019 and will in the meantime look into the possibilities of a restructuring. The supervisory judge in the bankruptcy has given the trustee in bankruptcy permission to continue the activities.

During this period, Mykali will continue to look after the orchid stock and sell them as usual.

Should you have a claim against Mykali Orchids Int. B.V. or a question about the bankruptcy, please contact the trustee in bankruptcy via or via the website:

Mykali Orchids B.V., the company affiliated with Mykali Orchids Int B.V., is not bankrupt.

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